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Off-Campus Study Opportunities

Given the Dance Department’s emphasis on the cross-cultural study of dance, we strongly encourage students to pursue study abroad opportunities. The possibility to study dance in another country gives students the opportunity to hone their technique in a different cultural setting (in many cases in a different language!) as well as to explore dance studies and choreography from new perspectives and styles. In recent years, students from the Dance Department have studied in countries including England, France, Australia, Cuba, Ghana, India, and Japan as well as pursuing intensive dance study through domestic off-campus study programs. Swarthmore has a special affiliation with the University of Ghana, where students have the opportunity to study traditional dances from a wide variety of ethnic groups and regions of Ghana as well as drumming and singing.

Majors and minors interested in off-campus study should contact their faculty advisor for assistance in identifying an appropriate program. The Dance Department also offers funding to majors and minors wishing to study a dance form in Philadelphia if it is not offered on campus.