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Student Opportunities


Student Demonstrators
Advanced level students in each technical style can be hired for paid positions at the nomination of an instructor to work as student teachers for level 1 and 2 dance technique classes. These assistants serve as more experienced models for movement within the class and also can help address individual questions outside of the classroom. The student demonstrators meet regularly with instructors for guidance. Contact the Dance Department office for more information ( or discuss details with members of the dance faculty.

Other Paid Opportunities
Students can be hired in the Lang Performing Arts Center (LPAC) and Lang Music Building for multiple activities that will help build skill sets for a future careers in the arts and provide valuable résumé experiences.

Job opportunities include:

  • Designing lights, sound, media and costumes for Dance, Music, and Theater performances
  • Backstage crewing for Dance, Music, and Theater performances including stage management and operating light/sound control boards
  • House Management and ushering for on-campus events including Cooper Series programs and large scale performances
  • Arts Administration and publicity work with departmental and LPAC staff

The design opportunities are usually filled by students who are majoring in design available through the Theater, Art, and Film/Media Studies academic programs and sometimes these activities will be considered for co-curricular credit instead of renumeration. Most of the other jobs are accompanied by workshop training and other technical skill building with the LPAC and Lang Staff and adjunct faculty. For more information about these positions, please email: or contact the Dance Department office (LPAC 6) at or the Music Department office in the Lang Music Building ( 


Chester Children's Chorus
This opportunity is useful for students with website skills, especially those interested in dance and music web building. Interested students should contact Kirsten Halker-Kratz ( This is a volunteer opportunity. For more information:

Chester Children's Gamelan
Students work with Professor Tom Whitman of the Music Department faculty.  The work involves travel to a Chester elementary school once a week for an hour-long session helping teach children new skills in dance and music. This is a volunteer opportunity and existing dance and music experience is useful. Interested students should contact Professor Whitman (

Opportunities regularly arise on campus in theater, opera, student-run groups (Rhythm N Motion, Terpsichore, Drama Board, Swing Dance club, Waltzing, etc.) and more occasionally with off campus local elementary through secondary schools.  Alternatively, it can be done as a co-curricular activity. Most of these opportunities, which can be valuable resume builders, are available for credit or on a volunteer basis.