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Swarthmore Hosted Archives

Swarthmore Performance Archives

These archival video tapes and DVDs record Dance Program performances at Swarthmore College since 1985. They include student concerts, faculty concerts, and concerts by professional touring companies as well as various lectures and demonstrations. These tapes and DVDs are available at Underhill Library.

Ghana Dance Archives

Swarthmore College has a sister library relationship with the University of Ghana. One part of this relationship includes creating a duplicate archive in Underhill Library of field video recordings made by researchers at the International Centre for African Music and Dance which is affiliated with the University of Ghana. These recordings of traditional and contemporary dances from a variety of ethnic groups in Ghana are available for on-site viewing at Underhill Library.

Dance Advance Archive

Dance Advance is a program of The Pew Charitable Trusts and University of the Arts designed to promote projects in dance in the five county region of Pennsylvania surrounding - and including - the city of Philadelphia. A variety of records, both written and videotaped, on a number of companies and individuals in the Philadelphia area comprise the materials in this archive. The Dance Advance Archive is also available at Underhill Library.