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Studio Reservation Policy

Policy for LPAC Dance Studio Reservations

The Dance Program Administration Assistant (Susan Grossi) will hold the master schedule for LPAC dance studio reservations. Reservation requests for Music and Dance faculty/staff and Dance Composition and/or Senior Project students can be made through Susan Grossi (

Priority for studio use will always be given to classes. Teacher preparation time of 30 minutes will be set aside prior to each class (unless classes are scheduled back to back, in which case it won't). Classes and rehearsals related to curricular work will take precedence over other requests for studio space.

Co-curricular dance group requests will be considered on a weekly basis, but will not be our priority. All non-Music and Dance faculty/staff will have to follow the Dance Studio Reservation and Key Borrowing Procedures.

Dance Studio Reservation and Key Borrowing Procedures

Step One
See Susan Grossi (LPAC 4) to sign a contract.

Step Two
When it is time for your scheduled rehearsal, sign out a key from the front desk of Underhill Library. In order to sign out a key, you must:
1. Have already signed a contract, and therefore be on the list of eligible borrowers.
2. Present your reservation confirmation; write your name, the date, and the studio you have reserved in the key log in Underhill Library.
3. Leave an official photo ID (either a Swarthmore ID or Driver's License) in the key folder. You may not retrieve your photo ID until you return the key. NO EXCEPTIONS!
4. The circulation desk worker will record the time at which you sign out and return the key, at which time your photo ID will be returned to you.