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Course Majors

DANC 025A classroom and students

photo credit: Laurence Kesterson

Dance Major in the Course Program

The goal of the course major in Dance is to expose a student to the broad scope of the field. The distribution of required courses for the major provides students with an introduction to Dance Studies, Choreography, and Performance, and allows them to direct their final credit(s) in the major toward a specific focus: Choreography, Dance Studies or an Individually Created focus. Majors will be required to develop an extended paper or a significant dance performance piece as part of their focus.  All dance majors and minors are strongly encouraged to participate in technique and repertory classes each term.

All majors will design their programs in consultation with a faculty adviser.

Prerequisites for the Major - Choreography focus:
These prerequisites are strongly recommended for first-year students and must be completed before the junior year. If a student has not completed all of these prerequisites at the time of an application for a major but has done good work in one or more courses in the program, the student may be accepted on a provisional basis.
            1.  One Dance Studies course
            2.  DANC 011. Dance Lab I: Making Dance
            3.  One Dance Technique class (from any tradition) for academic credit

Prerequisite credits for Major – Choreography focus: 2.5

          1.   DANC 012. Dance Lab II: Making Dance
          2.   DANC 045. Dance Technique: Yoga
          3.   Two Dance Studies courses***

                   One course DANC 021, or 022
                   One course DANC 004 or 025A
          4.   Two Dance Repertory/Ensemble courses**
                  One western from, DANC 049A, 049B, or 049E
                  One non-western from, DANC 049C, 049D, or 049F
           5.   Four Technique courses**
                   Two western from, DANC 044, 050, 051, 060, 061, 070
                   Two non-western from, DANC 046, 053, 057
           6.   *DANC 094. Senior Project
Total credits in focus:  6.5
Note: Majors with a focus in Choreography are also strongly encouraged to enroll in THEA 003 Fundamentals of Design for Theater Performance and THEA 004B. Lighting Design.

Prerequisites for the Major – Dance Studies focus:
            1. One Dance Studies course
            2. 1.5 credits which may be distributed among the following:

                    a. DANC 011. Dance Lab I: Making Dance
                    b. Dance Studies course
                    c. Dance Technique or Repertory courses (for academic credit)       
Prerequisite credits for Major – Dance Studies focus: 2.5

             1. Four Dance Studies courses***
                   One course DANC 021, or 022
                   One course DANC 004 or 025
Two Dance Studies elective courses
             2.  Two Dance Technique and/or Repertory/Ensemble courses**
                   One western from DANC 049A, 049B, 049E, 044, 050, 051, 060, 061, or 070
One non-western from DANC 049C, 049D, 049F, 046, 053, or 057
             3.  DANC 095 or 096. Senior Thesis*
Total credits in focus:  6 - 7

Individually Created focus: see Special Major

Total prerequisites and credits required for Majors:  8.5 – 9.5
*The senior project/thesis is required of all Majors.
**Although Technique and Repertory courses can be repeated for credit, you can only apply the course once towards the Major requirements.
***Specific course number requirements apply to the Class of 2022 and beyond. Current majors and prospective majors in the Class of 2021 must complete the same number of dance studies courses and are encouraged but are not required to complete the specific courses listed.