Requesting Payment

Magill Walk and Clothier

The College is required by the IRS to have specific information on file when issuing payment for services (labor, registrations, seminars, memberships, dues, software, anything where we do not actually receive a tangible product). This information includes:

  • Whether or not the payee is incorporated. This information could be noted on the invoice.
  • The payee's tax ID number, which may be noted on the invoice.
  • A complete W-9 [pdf].


If items are missing, call the supplier and request that they fax or email the information to the Business Office.

  1. Write either "INC" or "NOT INC" on the top of the invoice or check request.
  2. Ask for a taxpayer ID number for companies, or a Social Security number if the services are rendered by an individual. 
  3. In the event that an individual's SSN is provided, make sure to get their home address.
  4. NEVER pay for services with a personal check or cash. A check must be issued in the name of the provider.
  5. If the payee is a Swarthmore student, payment must go through student payroll.
  6. If the payee is a College employee on the payroll, payment must be added to their regular paycheck.
  7. If the payee was on the payroll within the past two years, payment must go through the payroll office.

For more information, contact Accounts Payable Coordinator Barbara Turner at 610-328-8366.