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Swarthmore Alumni of Color

Alumni of Color volunteers celebrate one year of Swarthmore AOC.

Alumni of Color volunteers celebrate with a candle on their first meeting anniversary


Founded in 2018, we — the Alumni of Color (AOC) Steering Committee — focus on building community among alumni, supporting College priorities through fundraising initiatives and volunteer efforts, and building connections with students across campus through career development, mentorship, Intercultural Center (IC) groups, and personal support.


This year, we’ve focused on the following projects:

  • engaging with alumni, friends, and allies through newsletters and volunteer opportunities
  • connecting with students via career networking opportunities, IC student meetings, and exploring mentorship options
  • increasing our presence at Alumni Weekend and Garnet Weekend
  • promoting Admissions' efforts in recruitment and yield for future generations of Swarthmore students
  • directly supporting students through The Swarthmore Fund

Learn more about our projects.

Our mission

The mission of Swarthmore College Alumni of Color (AOC) is to support and engage the diverse, multicultural, and vibrant community of Swarthmore College who self-identify as students and alumni of color, members of an underrepresented or minority racial or ethnic group, or who represent a variety of national origins and nationalities. 

To achieve this mission, AOC will:

  1. strengthen existing (and create new) connections between alumni of color and students of color by working to develop an inclusive, welcoming, and purposive interactive network between alumni and current students.

  2. identify, nurture, and expand the myriad ways in which alumni of color contribute and give back to the College and the College community, and enlist additional alumni as volunteers through outreach and leadership development.

  3. engage alumni and students in programming and a variety of endeavors that seek to uplift students and alumni — and, in so doing, the broader College community — through volunteerism, mentoring, and professional development, with an active commitment to promoting greater diversity, inclusion, and equity.