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Resources for S3P Scholars

Summer Scholar Students in Classroom

What resources will be available to me after my classes begin in the fall?

In addition to mentoring from your professors in the Summer Scholars Program, Swarthmore provides an array of resources, including tutoring and academic advising, to help all students succeed. We are dedicated to your success! After the program, join our Alumni Facebook page to stay in touch with other cohorts and learn about campus events. In addition, many Swarthmore students participate in peer mentoring programs. Here are some tips to best utilize peer mentoring workshops:

  • Don't wait until the night before a big test or project to ask for help, try going to weekly sessions at the beginning of the semester with classmates to complete homework, review material, or ask questions.
  • To make the most of your time, try homework problems on your own first and identify where you get stuck or need an explanation to ask your peer mentor.
  • Bring your notes and textbook as helpful references.
  • Peer mentors are here to help you succeed, not complete your coursework for you. They will not do problems or simply give you the answers.

Students are committed to helping each other do well; below are some examples.

Writing Associates

The Writing Associates Program has been active at Swarthmore for more than 25 years. Writing Associates, or WAs, as they are commonly known, are fellow Swatties who have been trained as peer writing coaches. WAs are available to help you with writing projects in all disciplines, whether it's a biology lab report, a religion essay, or a psychology research paper. You can talk to WAs about your projects at any stage of the writing process, from thinking through an outline to polishing a final draft. The Writing Center is open every day.

Writing Associates

Speaking Associates

Speaking Associates, or SPAs, are Writing Associates who have received additional training in how to deliver oral presentations. If you need help creating visual aids, speaking in front of a group of people, or fielding questions about your work, SPAs can help!

Biology Catalysts

Catalysts are advanced biology students who work with other students in small discussion groups. These sessions focus on creating better problem-solving techniques, and snacks are also available!

Computer Science Ninjas

Ninjas are student mentors in the Computer Science Department. If you take a computer science course or lab, ninjas will be there to guide you. Ninjas also hold study sessions to help prepare for tests, work through lab assignments, and share snacks in a friendly, confidence-building environment.

Math & Stats Pi-rates

Pi-rates are student assistants in designated first year math classes. They attend class to help guide group work and run evening sessions offering help on homework, and general support.

Engineering Wizards

Whether you plan to take engineering classes, Wizards can show you the ropes. Wizard sessions are held regularly to answer questions and get help with your homework.

Physics Photons

The Physics and Astronomy Department's Photons provide weekly evening study sessions for multiple Physics and Astronomy courses. Whether you're taking Astronomy 001 or Physics 005, there are many students to help.

Chemistry Alchemists

Chemistry and Biochemistry's Alchemists offer drop-in study sessions that are staffed by students with strong chemistry backgrounds who have received mentoring instruction through the Dean’s office. Individuals and groups are welcome, so encourage your classmates to attend with you.

Student Academic Mentors

No matter where you live on campus, a SAM (Student Academic Mentor) will be one of your neighbors. Every residence hall has SAMs on hand to help you with general college skills like time management, organization, study strategies, and reading techniques. SAMs are also ready to assist you with subject-specific challenges.

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"Learning about yourself and how you think is one of the most important things you'll do here. Learning how others can help you is the other most important thing." 
- Summer Scholar, Class of 2022