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Planning Summer Logistics

Resources to consider as you plan your summer

Congratulations!  You have been awarded a summer opportunity.  How do you proceed from here?  As you get ready for your summer project, keep in mind some important details listed below.  

Summer Housing  - Where do you plan on living this summer? 

  • On Campus  Visit the Summer Housing page to learn about housing options, deadlines, costs, and policies. There are a limited number of spaces available on campus for summer housing. 
  • Off campus  UPenn and Drexel University offer summer housing options for Swarthmore students who are currently matriculated and participating in summer opportunities. This is a good option if you’re working in the city.  

Budgeting - How will you utilize your funds? 

  • Every student who receives a summer stipend is expected to fill out a budget detailing how they will use the stipend. This is an opportunity for you to learn about how to manage and plan for expenses.
  • See the Beyond the Classroom (BTC) committee's guide on budgeting to learn more. Connect with your program administrator if you need further assistance.

Receiving Your Stipend - How will the College disburse funds to you? 

  • For most efficient disbursement, students receiving summer stipends should set up direct deposit with Student Payroll (Student Employment Office).

Work Authorization - Are you authorized to work in the US?