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  • Currently enrolled first year, sophomore, or junior at the time of application. 
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing with the College
      • To participate in a summer funded experience, students must be in good standing concerning both their academic program and conduct. A review of student standing will be conducted with the Dean's Office prior to the final awarding of summer grants, which will help determine student eligibility
  • Fulfilled all requirements from any previous summer stipends (such as Common Exit Inventory, donor letters, etc)
  • Students must agree to summer maximum stipend/earning rules
    • $6000 is the maximum in stipends a student can receive in a given summer
    • Students cannot work in a JobX position while under the stipend, and vice versa. See SEO's policy: "Please note that a student may not work in an hourly position and a stipend summer position concurrently. However, a student may work before and after the dates of their formal 8 or 10-week summer project or internship. This must be clearly documented in an email to the student so there is a formal agreement and understanding; as well as a record of the dates the student is employed in both positions."
  • International Students:
  • Undocumented Students: