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Fall 2014

  • Committee formed and work begins.
  • Focus groups held with a selection of community members. These meetings, led by representatives from Rankin & Associates, will help inform the themes to be addressed in the College's self-study survey.
  • Committee begins work with Rankin & Associates to develop the Swarthmore Self-Study survey.

Spring 2015

  • Committee finalizes Swarthmore Self-Study survey instrument, with guidance from Rankin & Associates.
  • Survey distributed to all members of the Swarthmore College Campus Community, online and in print.

Summer 2015

  • Rankin & Associates evaluate the data and draw conclusions from the findings.

Fall 2015

  • Results from the survey shared with the community.
  • Community-wide conversations will provide opportunities to discuss what we’ve learned and what our next steps should be to reinforce what is going well and to fix areas where we might do better.
  • Committee considers all feedback and prepares three actions for measurable change,

     informed by study results and feedback from the community in response to the findings. 

  • Committee works with senior staff to establish accountability for enacting changes and making progress toward improving measures, as prioritized by the community. Assignments will be established based on the focus of each of the three key goals.