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Climate Study Working Group 2015/16

The CSWG was comprised of faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Ultimately, Swarthmore College contracted with Rankin & Associates Consulting (R&A) to conduct a campus-wide study entitled, “Learning, Working, and Living: A Self-Study of Swarthmore College.” Swarthmore staff members participating in this working group included:

  • Diane Anderson (chair), Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor, Educational Studies Department
  • Katie Clark, Coordinator, Center for Innovation and Leadership
  • Leonie Cohen, '16
  • Betsy Durning, administrative assistant, dean's office
  • Zenobia Hargust, director, Equal Opportunity and Engagement
  • Keton Kakkar, '19
  • Meghan Kelly '18
  • Mohammed Lotif, assistant director, intercultural center
  • Sheila Magee '81, gardener
  • Jen Moore, administrative assistant, history
  • Christi Pappert, facilities & capital projects
  • Gina Patnaik, assistant professor, english literature
  • Hank Robinson, environmental services
  • Ben Roebuck, '17
  • Peggy Seiden, college librarian
  • Robin Huntington Shores, director of institutional research and assessment
  • Elizabeth Vallen, professor, biology
  • Robert Weinberg, professor, history
  • Kaaren Williamsen, Title IX Coordinator