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Outcomes and Recommendations

Self-Study Action Committee Report

The Self-Study Action Committee developed a set of materials summarizing the survey results for use in their community engagement efforts, along with a final report of recommendations based on this input.

Campus Climate Study

The Self-Study on Learning, Working, and Living produced a detailed report analyzing the results of the Campus Climate Survey.

  • Executive Summary: Read an executive summary [pdf] of the survey findings.

  • Presentation: Survey findings were discussed during a presentation [pdf] at two community-wide meetings on Fri., Nov. 13, 2015. A video of the survey presentation is also available.

  • Final Report: Two copies of the final report [pdf] are on reserve in McCabe Library. Please note: the presentation, video, and final report are available to members of the Swarthmore community who use the on-campus network.

    • UPDATE: See two tables - Page 99 and 224 - that were found to be inaccurate and needed to be corrected and replaced.Tables 29 (p. 99) and B77 (p. 224, in the Appendix). On Table 29, the errors were found in the bottom two rows, and on Table B77, the entire table was incorrect. (See BETSY ADD for errata and corrected tables).The errors did not affect the reported outcomes or its conclusions. Rankin and Associates, the firm that worked with the College in developing and implementing the self-study process, HAVE CORRECTED THEIR ERRORS and provided a revised final report with these two tables corrected. They have also reviewed the remainder of the report to assure us that there are no further errors.
  • Distilled Survey Materials: The Self-Study Action Committee later distilled the Campus Climate Assessment Final Report into forms that would be readily accessible to our community.  These new forms included: