The self-study process has included three main phases of data collection, planning, and implementation.

Data Collection: The Swarthmore College Self-Study on Learning, Working, and Living was conducted in Spring 2015 by Rankin & Associates and revealed collective impressions of the College and how individuals experience the community differently, based on their various identities and groups to which they belong. This study can be seen at www.swarthmore.edu/study-learning-working-living/outcomes.

Planning: The Self-Study Action Committee was formed by a call for volunteers in Fall 2015 in order to identify a set of actionable steps to address the results of this survey. This committee developed a full report of recommendations, which were submitted to President Valerie Smith in May 2016. Their final report can be found at www.swarthmore.edu/study-learning-working-living/outcomes.

Implementation: Beginning in Fall 2016, the President’s Office will work collaboratively with offices around campus to establish a process of implementing selected recommendations and further evaluating others.