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Focus Groups

Community consultation for the Swarthmore College Self-Study on Learning, Working, and Living began with 19 focus groups held in November and December, 2014. More than 160 members of the community participated in these conversations. The focus groups were developed and populated by the organizing committee and facilitated by Rankin & Associates. The committee is comprised of Swarthmore students, faculty, and staff from across the College.

The objective of the focus groups was to offer members of the Swarthmore College community the opportunity to provide their insights on campus climate. The insights and reflections of the focus group participants have informed the questions used in the campus-wide survey that will be distributed to the entire Swarthmore campus community in the spring semester. The focus group report is confidential and internal to the committee.

All community members are welcome to share their questions and thoughts with Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Diane Anderson or any member of the committee.