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Tuition, Room, and Board Fees

Tuition/Room and Board Fees

Student Charges

Total charges for the 2019–2020 academic year (two semesters) are as follows:

Item Amount
Tuition $54,256
Room $8,252
Board $7,836
Student activities fee $400
Total $70,744

The regular College tuition covers the normal program of four courses per term as well as variations of as many as five courses or as few as three courses. Students who elect to carry more than five courses incur a unit charge for the additional course ($6,782) or half-course ($3,391), although they may within the regular tuition vary their programs to average as many as five courses in the two semesters of any academic year. College policy does not permit programs of fewer than three courses for degree candidates in their first eight semesters of enrollment. After the first eight semesters of enrollment, students are eligible to pay the unit charge for each course.

Payment Policy

Semester bills are mailed in July and December. Payment for the first semester is due by July 22, 2019, and for the second semester by Jan. 2, 2020. A 1.5 percent late fee will be assessed monthly on payments received after the due date. Many parents have indicated a preference to pay College charges on a monthly basis rather than in two installments. For this reason, Swarthmore offers a monthly payment plan, which provides for payment in installments without interest charges. For more information, please visit the Swarthmore College Payment Plan website.