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Swarthmore College Payment Plan


Swarthmore College is pleased to offer an online monthly payment plan option. The Swarthmore College Payment Plan (SCPP) allows students, parents and guardians to choose to pay monthly installments for a portion or the entire semester of their Swarthmore tuition, room, board and fees. This provides families greater flexibility in budgeting semester costs to best fit their individual needs.


Program enrollment takes place each semester and depending on when you enroll there are three duration options available. The first installment payment (plus a $35 application fee) is due at the time of enrollment.

If you wish to take advantage of this monthly payment plan, you can enroll starting on June 1st (for the Fall semester) and November 1st (for the Spring semester). Note that the later enrollment takes place will increase the monthly payment.

Only one payment plan per student is permitted each semester. Note also that students with past- due account balances may not be eligible for participation.

Please refer to the chart below for the various payment plan options available and enrollment deadlines for each.

Fall Semester Plan - available on June 1st.   

number of payments last day to enroll online payment due at enrollment remaining payment due dates
5 June 15th $35 plus first installment 7/1, 8/1, 9/1 & 10/1
4 July 15th $35 plus first installment 8/1, 9/1 & 10/1
3 July 27th $35 plus first installment 9/1 & 10/1

Spring Semester Plan - available on November 1st

number of payments last day to enroll online payment due at enrollment remaining payment due dates
5 November 15th $35 plus first installment 12/1, 1/1, 2/1 & 3/1
4 December 15th $35 plus first installment 1/1, 2/1 & 3/1
3 January 15th $35 plus first installment 2/1 & 3/1

No Interest Charges

SCPP provides all of the benefits of a monthly payment plan without charging interest. An application fee does apply for participating in the amount of $35 per semester.

Convenient Online Enrollment

Students, parents and guardians may enroll on-line by visiting:

Step 1: To create a login you will need the Student ID and Last Name of the Swarthmore College student.

Step 2: Select the plan that you wish to enroll in. Depending on the time of enrollment, there will be a 5, 4 or 3 month payment plan option available.

Step 3: Estimate the amount of the semester educational expenses you wish to include within the SCPP. For your convenience, a cost estimating worksheet is provided. Swarthmore College’s annual tuition, room and board charges and fees are available online at Since the SCPP enrollment is semester based (and not for the entire academic year) please be sure to calculate educational expenses for the semester (typically half of the College’s annual charges).

We understand that not all financial aid may have been awarded at the time you enroll in the SCPP. Your payment plan budget may be adjusted upward or downward at a later date. More information regarding increasing/decreasing your payment plan balance can be found below.  

Step 4: Set up your e-wallet in order to take advantage of automatic payment by E-Check (ACH) or Credit/Debit Card. Please note that there is a 2.6% service fee for paying via credit/debit card (which is charged by the College’s third party processor).

Adjusting Your Payment Plan Balance

Adjustments to your payment plan balance can be made through your Official Payments payment plan account. After logging into your account, click the “My Plans” tab and then select “Adjust Balance”. The amount of the adjustment will be divided equally across your remaining payments due.

Fee and Others Charges

The application fee is non-refundable.

Should an automatic bank payment or credit card payment be returned, a $20 returned payment fee will be automatically assessed by Official Payments to your account.

Any payment received after the due date will result in a $5 late fee being assessed.

Failure to Pay

In the event of failure of a participant to pay any installment with 30 days of the due date, enrollment in the plan will be terminated and the standard College policies will apply for any past due account.

How to Cancel a Plan

To cancel a payment plan, please email Maria McBride or telephone (610) 328-8394 weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Once a payment plan is cancelled, any unpaid charges become part of the student account balance and would then be considered past due.


All questions concerning the Swarthmore College Monthly Payment Plan should be directed to the Student Accounts Office (Parrish 131). You may also email any questions to Maria McBride or feel free to call her at (610) 328-8394 weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.