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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an E-Bill?

An E-Bill is an online student account bill that displays the same information as traditional paper billing statements, with no postal delays. E-Bill provides email notification when a new bill is available and gives authorized users access to view billing statements and make online payments. The service provides convenient access from any computer with an Internet connection. Information is secure and confidential and the E-Bill can be viewed only by the student and any people to whom the student grants authorized access.

How do I create an account?

Students automatically have access to their personal E-Bill account through mySwarthmore.

Parents/Authorized Users with an existing E-Bill account may login to E-Bill to view or pay bills.

Parents, guardians, or others involved in paying student account bills may initiate an E-Bill account to take advantage of this convenient service. Federal privacy regulations require that students must authorize users who share access to their account.

Here are the steps for creating an E-Bill user account:

  • The new user should visit Parent/Authorized User Setup and establish an account.
  • The new user should then provide their student with the email address they registered with E-Bill.
  • Students can then login to mySwarthmore and select "E-Bill Account Menu," then "E-Bill Parent/User Authorization," then "Add Authorized Users."
  • The student should then enter the email address of the authorized user and click "Verify."
  • The new user will now be authorized to access to the student's E-Bill account.

How do I view a bill or make a payment?

Students automatically have access to their personal E-Bill account and may view or pay their bill by logging into mySwarthmore and selecting "E-Bill Account Menu," then selecting "E-Bill View/Pay."

Parents/Authorized Users with an existing E-Bill account may login to E-Bill to view or pay bills.

 How do I make a payment to my student account?

Electronic Check

Make a payment directly from a personal checking/savings account drawn on a U.S. bank without having to mail a check. There is no charge to pay by e-check.

Credit Card

Swarthmore College has contracted with a third party service that enables you to make your payment using your Master Card, Discover or American Express charge card(s). This service is provided by Official Payments, Inc., which charges a 2.60% transaction fee on payments. Please have your Swarthmore student identification number with you at the time of your payment.

Check or Money Order

Checks or money orders should be made payable to "Swarthmore College," Please indicate your Swarthmore student identification number on your payment and mail it, along with a copy of your bill, to: Swarthmore College, P.O. Box 821288, Philadelphia, PA 19182-1288, or you may make your payment in person at Swarthmore's Student Accounts Office, Parrish Hall 131W.

International Payments

Swarthmore College has contracted with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. PayMyTuition allows you to select from several payment options, and offers competitive currency exchange rates with a price match guarantee. You can safely pay your Swarthmore account balance from any country and any bank, track your payments easily, and receive email confirmation of your payment.Learn more about the

Swarthmore College Payment Plan

Program enrollment takes place each semester and depending on when you enroll there are three duration options available. The first installment payment (plus a $35 application fee) is due at the time of enrollment. For more information or to enroll, visit the following link: Swarthmore College Payment Plan.

When and how do I receive my E-Bill?

Beginning with the December 2011 invoice, the student and any additional users authorized by the student, will receive a email message indicating that the E-Bill is available to view and to pay. These messages will be sent once a month, in any month in which there is a balance on the student's account. Users can either click the link to E-Bill provided in the email message, or they can login at

May I print a copy of my E-Bill?

 Yes, an E-Bill can be printed as you would any document on your computer. 

Will I continue to receive paper bills?

 Paper bills will continue to be mailed as we transition to E-Billing. At a later date, a notification will be sent letting you know when this transition period will be ending.

What if I have a question that is not addressed here?

If you should have any other questions, please contact:

Linda Weindel, Student Accounts Manager, via telephone at (610) 328-8396, via email at or in person in the Student Accounts Office, Parrish 131W.

Maria McBride, Student Accounts Assistant, via telephone at (610) 328-8394, via email at or in person in the Student Accounts Office, Parrish 131W.