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Payment Options

Payment Options


Electronic Check or Credit Card

Electronic Check:  Make a payment directly from a personal checking/savings account drawn on a U.S. bank without having to mail a check. There is no charge to pay by e-check.

Credit Card: Swarthmore College has contracted with a third party service that enables you to make your payment using your Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express charge card. This service is provided by Official Payments, Inc., which charges a 2.60% transaction fee on payments. Please have your Swarthmore student identification number with you at the time of your payment.

Student: To pay a bill electronically (via e-check or credit card), simply log into mySwarthmore and select "E-Bill Account Menu", then select "E-Bill View/Pay". 

Parent/Authorized User: To pay a bill (via e-check or credit card), simply access your E-Bill account by going to the and select "Parent/Authorized User". Once logged into your account, your payment options will be displayed. 

If a Parent/Authorized User does not already have an E-Bill access account, please refer to the Frequently Asked Question: How do I create an Authorized user account? 

Check or Money Order

Your check or money order should be made payable to "Swarthmore College." Please indicate your Swarthmore student identification number on your payment and mail it to: Swarthmore College, P.O. Box 821288, Philadelphia, PA 19182-1288 or you may make your payment in person at Swarthmore's Student Accounts Office, Parrish 131.

NOTE: If you are mailing a payment via an overnight/express mailing service, please address to: Swarthmore College, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 (Attn: Student Accounts Office). 

Swarthmore College Payment Plan

The Swarthmore College Payment Plan (SCPP) enables families to pay all College billed expenses in regular monthly payments. There is a $35 application fee (per semester) to cover administrative expenses associated with the SCPP. For more information or to enroll, visit the following link: Swarthmore College Payment Plan.

International Payments 

Swarthmore College has contracted with PayMyTuition, offering students a tool to manage their international tuition payments and account balance. PayMyTuition allows you to select from several payment options, and offers competitive currency exchange rates with a price match guarantee. You can safely pay your Swarthmore account balance from any country and any bank, track your payments easily and receive an email confirmation of your payment. For more information,visit the following link: Paymytuition.

Scholarships from Outside Sources

Outside scholarship payments will be applied to your student account when the payment is received unless the scholarship agency specifically requests, in writing, that payments be split by semester.  Students should keep this in mind when reviewing their bill and possible credit balance.