Teaching Resources


Greater Philadelphia Human Studies Council

The Greater Philadelphia Human Studies Council is a consortium of 15 colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware created to support faculty interaction and development in interdisciplinary fields. The Council funds four interdisciplinary consortia, each with its own yearly program of events for faculty and students. For more information about the consortium, contact Catherine Hill, Villanova University: catherine.hill@villanova.edu.

Informational Technology Services

ITS offers faculty a range of teaching resources, including the following:

  • academic computing staff to support faculty in their use of technology in their teaching;
  • access to (and training in the use of) Blackboard for course development and management;
  • access to computer labs for classes or events with a "hands on" computer component;
  • the Beardsley Media Center, providing facilities to create, edit and publish digital images, audio, and video.

Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility

The Lang Center works with students, faculty and staff to provide education for civic and social responsibility in the context of academic excellence. The Center supports faculty who are interested in engaging students in community based learning by:

  • offering curriculum grants to faculty who wish to create new courses and modify existing courses to include community based learning components;
  • providing support in creating community partnerships and finding community placements;
  • helping to coordinate transportation, orientation, reflection and skills workshops for students engaged in community based learning courses.

Swarthmore College Library

The Swarthmore College Library provides faculty with support for course preparation and teaching. In particular, the Library can:

  • provide assistance in setting up course and seminar reserves (hard copy and online) for books, articles, video, and audio;
  • provide in-class or in-Library instruction for classes or for individual students conducting research for a class or thesis;
  • help faculty to build collections needed for new or revised courses.

Mellon Tri-College Faculty Forum

The Mellon Tri-College Faculty Forum, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, provides a range of faculty development initiatives that support teaching, research, and collaboration. Programs funded by the Mellon Forum include the following:

  • Sessions for new and junior faculty addressing issues such as balancing commitments, time management, mentoring, and using institutional resources effectively.
  • Brainstorming fund used to convene groups of faculty with common curricular or research interests and to plan future collaborations.
  • Seed grants to help faculty at all levels pursue new research and/or curricular initiatives.
  • Across-the-career seminars on topics related to life issues that affect faculty throughout their careers.

Additional information about these initiatives are available on the Mellon Tri-College website and from Joanne Kimpel, jkimpel1@swarthmore.edu.

Writing Program

Swarthmore's Writing Program provides faculty with resources to support student writing in both courses designated as Writing ("W") courses and those that are not. The Program offers the following:

  • Writing Associates to support student writing within a specific course;
  • the Writing Center, where faculty can send students for additional writing help;
  • additional resources for student writers, such as the individualized Writing Associate Mentor program and the Thesis Writing Associate program.
  • consultation and occasional workshops for faculty about writing assignments, assessments, and course development with members of the Writing Program staff.