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Peter Baumann

Charles and Harriett Cox McDowell Professor of Philosophy and Religion

On Leave - Academic Year



  2. Phone: (610) 328-8433
  3. Beardsley Hall 212

CV (September 2023)

Publications September 2023

Selected Publications


Epistemic Contextualism. A Defense, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016

Practical Conflicts. New Philosophical Essays, ed. with Monika Betzler, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2004.

Erkenntnistheorie (Epistemology), Stuttgart: Metzler 2002 (2.ed. 2006; 3.ed. 2015).


"Not just Many Worlds but Many Universes? A Problem for the Many Workds View of Quantum Mechanics", in: Metaphysica 23.2, 2022, 295-305

"Enlightenment as Perfection, Perfection as Enlightenment? Kant on Thinking for Oneself and Perfecting Onself", in: Journal of Philosophy of Education  56, 2022, 281-289

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"Sorry if! On Conditional Apologies", in: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 24, 2021, 1079-1090

"True Knowledge", in: Logos & Episteme XII.4, 2021, 463-467

with Haicheng Zhao: "Inductive Knowledge and Lotteries: Could One Explain Both 'Safely'?", in: Ratio, forthcoming

"Trolleys, Transplants and Inequality: An Egalitarian Proposal", in: Erkenntnis, forthcoming (

"Ludwig's Punch and Bertie's Comeback: Reconciling Russell and Wittgenstein on the Content of Desires", in: Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies 40(2), 2020, 132-149. (see:

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"Brains in Vats? Don't Bother!", in: Episteme 16, 2019, 186-199. 

"DeRose on Lotteries", in: International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 10, 2020, 44-67

"Knowledge Requires Belief and It Doesn't? On Belief as such and Belief Necessary for Knowledge", in: Inquiry 62, 2019, 151-167.

"What Will Be Best for Me? Big Decisions and the Problem of Inter-World Comparisons", in: Dialectica 72, 2018, 253-273.

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Professor Baumann worked with the Swarthmore Film Club -  a student-led group that creates film productions throughout the school year.

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