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PHIL Course Information - F'23

Philosophy course information during the add/drop period. (As of 9/3/23)
All departments' course information can be found on the Registrar's web site

To be added to a wait list, submit an online add form.
If anyone drops the class, you will be contacted in list order.

PHIL 1F - Intro:  Classical & Contemporary Problems
OPEN, space available

PHIL 1H - Intro:  Personal Identity & Self(W)
CLOSED, with wait list

PHIL 1P - Intro:  Reasoning & Living Well
OPEN, space available

PHIL 10- FYS:  Questions of Inquiry
OPEN, space available (freshmen only)

PHIL 12A -Logic
CLOSED, with wait list

PHIL 12B -Logic
OPEN, space available

The following courses require a prerequisite -

PHIL 11 - Moral Philosophy(W)
CLOSED, with wait list

PHIL 20 - Plato(W)
OPEN, space available

PHIL 34 - Marx, Marxism, and Race
OPEN, space available

100 level seminars
Are intended for Seniors and Juniors, with priority given to honors students taking it as an honors preparation.  Others should contact the instructor for permission to enroll.

(W) – Writing Course
FYS – First Year Seminar

NOTE:  Students may not take more than one PHIL introductory level course (FYS or Intro to Philosophy), with one exception: students may take Logic either before or after taking any other PHIL introductory course.