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PHIL Course Information - F'22

Philosophy course information during the add/drop period. (As of 9/5/22)
All departments' course information can be found on the Registrar's web site

To be added to a wait list, submit an online add form.
If anyone drops the class, you will be contacted in list order.

PHIL 1D - Intro:  Knowledge & the World(W)
CLOSED, with wait list

PHIL 1H - Intro:  Personal Identity and the Self

PHIL 3 - FYS: The Meaning of Life(W)
CLOSED, with wait list 

PHIL 5 - FYS:  Human Nature
CLOSED, with wait list

PHIL 8 - FYS:  Aesthetics and  Political Resistance

PHIL 10 - FYS:  Questions of Inquiry

The following courses require a prerequisite -

PHIL 30 - Buddhist Philosophy
OPEN, space available

PHIL 35 - Environmental Ethics
OPEN, space available

PHIL 39 - Existentialism
CLOSED, with wait list
The course is currently over-enrolled,
if enrollment goes below 25 we will go to the wait list.

PHIL 86 - Philosophy of Mind
OPEN, space available

(W) – Writing Course
FYS – First Year Seminar

NOTE:  Students may not take more than one PHIL introductory level course (FYS or Intro to Philosophy), with one exception: students may take Logic either before or after taking any other PHIL introductory course.