PHIL Course Announcements - F'18

Philosophy course information during the add/drop period. (As of 4/24/18)

All departments course information can be found on the Registrar's web site

PHIL 1D – Intro:  Knowledge and the World (WC) – Thomason
Space available

PHIL 1F – Intro: Classical and Contemporary Problems – Raff
Space available

PHIL 4 - Intro: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - Oberdiek
Closed until after Freshmen register. 
(Freshmen require an AP score of 4 or 5 in ECON or take an ECON course simultaneously with this course.)

PHIL 155 - Philosophy of Law

(WC) – Writing Course

FYS – First Year Seminar

NOTE:  Students may not take more than one PHIL introductory level course (FYS or Intro to Philosophy), with one exception: students may take Logic either before or after taking any other PHIL introductory course.