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Swim Test 23

Below is a message sent by Rebecca Weintraub-Barth, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, on behalf of the Swim Test, in regards to your specific swim test time slot! Check your individual email for your specific time slot. Below is just the general information.


Dear Student,
I'm very excited to welcome you to campus! I wanted to share logistical information for the swim test, which is one of the graduation requirements at the College. Here is a link to a 1-minute video that explains the requirement.
Your Swim Test Appointment:
Date: Thursday, August 31
Time: {{Swim Test Time}}
What does the swim test entail? 
  • Enter the pool at the 4-foot deep end. 
  • Swim 3 lengths of the pool (75 yards) any combination of strokes.
  • At the end of the third length, climb out of the pool without using a ladder.
  • Step or jump feet first into the 13-foot deep end and then tread water or float for 2 minutes.
  • Celebrate being done with this graduation requirement! 
How will this work?
  • Arrive at Ware Pool at the start of your time slot and check in.
  • Wear your swimsuit under clothes. Locker rooms and bathrooms are available but we'd prefer to minimize use. 
  • Bring a towel! 
  • Each student will have space on deck to leave their clothes/shoes/etc. 
  • Complete the swim test.
  • Check out with your proctor.
  • Dry off and head back to your dorm, one step closer to graduation!
Please contact with questions.

p.s. We strongly encourage you to attend your assigned time, but if you have an unmovable conflict, you can attend the make-up session on Friday, from 2:00-3:00 pm.