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Summer Mailings

  • Calendar and Preparing for Arrival: the first communication from the Dean's Office.
  • Welcome, Forms , Bookstore Info and more: the second, and more hefty mailing. Most of the forms in this mailing are due back to the Dean's Office by June 2, and many of these forms can be completed and submitted online. To do so, you must first set up your computer accounts. See Forms for more details.
  • Academic Mailing: the third, and final, official mailing from the Office of the Dean. This mailing has information on relevant graduation requirements, grades, exploring the curriculum, placement and credit, and more. The mailing has a particularly extensive explanation of placement for Mathematics since it is a discipline which requires action on your part in order to enroll in a math course at any time--not just your first year--at Swarthmore. The packet refers to the Math Placement Exam which can be downloaded from here: