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Spanish Placement

If you have prior experience with Spanish and plan on taking Spanish language, culture or literature courses at any time while at Swarthmore, then you must take the online placement test.

Students who have AP scores (Spanish Language and Culture, and/or Spanish Literature and Culture) or IB scores must also take the online placement test. 

Students will receive a maximum of one credit after successful completion of a Spanish course at Swarthmore, if their AP score is 4 or 5, or if they achieved a score of 6 or 7 in the International Baccalaureate. Note that neither AP nor IB credits will be counted toward the major or minor in Spanish.

The department encourages first-year students to read the section Spanish Advising for First-Year Students.

For information on the Spanish Placement Test, please refer to the Department of Spanish placement webpage.

The Student Affairs Division will email new students with department-specific placement test info in July.