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Physical Education

Students are encouraged to enjoy the instructional and recreational opportunities offered by the department throughout their college careers. As a requirement for graduation, all students not excused for medical reasons are required to complete 4 units of physical education by the end of their sophomore year. In addition, all students must pass a survival swimming test or complete a unit of swimming instruction. Most physical education courses are offered for a half a semester and earn 1 unit toward the 4 units required for graduation. A complete list of physical education opportunities including how many units each earns is available from the Physical Education and Athletics Office.

To ensure that all students complete the PE requirement and swim test by the end of the second year, students who fail to do so will not be eligible to participate in the spring housing lottery and will not be eligible to pre-register for courses.

Students will earn Physical Education credit toward this requirement by playing on a varsity sport and may earn credit by participating in some club sports (you must check with Harleigh Leach in the Physical Education department first), but you will not earn credit by doing an independent fitness routine.