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E-billing and Payment Portal Information

This message was sent by Linda Weindel on June 17, 2022:

Dear Student,

Swarthmore College utilizes an e-billing and payment portal. When the time comes to view/pay your bill electronically, you will simply be able log into MySwarthmore, select E-Bill Account Menu, then select E-Bill View/Pay. All students, automatically, have access to this student portal.

NOTE: If your parent, guardian or other authorized user has already enrolled/has access to the College’s e-billing and payment portal, you can ignore this message (and we thank you their enrollment). If not, please read on.

If you would like a parent, guardian, or other authorized user to also have access to this portal you must invite them to set up an account.

Invite a New User to Create an Account

  1. Access the payment portal by logging into MySwarthmore, selecting E-Bill Account Menu, and then selecting E-Bill View/Pay. You will then be redirected to the portal.
  2. In the payment portal, navigate to the My Profile tab at the top.
  3. Under Authorized User, click Invite User and enter in contact information for the person you want to invite. Invited users will receive an email from
  4. Please note that account invitations expire in 3 days. If an invitation has expired, you can click Resend to prompt a new invitation. You can check the status of an invitation back in the Authorized Users section of your account.

We suggest you to invite anyone who typically views or pays your bills, and encourage you to alert your parent, guardian, or other current users of this upcoming change as soon as possible, to ensure that any authorized users are added to your account before your next Swarthmore College tuition bill is issued. To ensure that invited authorized users will receive the Fall 2022 semester bill, they will need to create their account no later than June 24, 2022.

The e-billing and payment portal allows you to easily view your personal e-billing statements and payment history, and make online payments by e-check or credit card. You are also able to save your credit card and banking information in a virtual wallet and set up text message alerts, all through a single, safe, and user-friendly tool.

NOTE: International payments are managed through the PayMyTuition tool.

If you have any questions, please contact myself (610-328-8396; or Maria McBride, Student Accounts Assistant (610-328-8394; for assistance. For instructions on how to access your e-bills, invite authorized users, and manage payment options in the new portal, as well as information on key dates, etc… please visit the Student Accounts Office website.


Linda Weindel
Manager, Student Accounts