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Winter Break Emergency Housing

Emergency Winter Break Housing

The College is generally not able to provide housing to students over the winter break period unless there are significant extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from leaving campus safely. Typically ALL residential students are expected to depart campus when the residence halls are closed.

All residence halls close for the Fall 2022 semester at 6:00pm on Saturday, December 17, 2022. 

All residence halls open for the Spring 2023 semester at 8:00am on Saturday, January 14, 2023.

All move-in and move-out dates through the Spring of 2026 can be found on the Housing Calendar.

If a student believes that they are not able to depart campus over the Winter break or have extenuating circumstances they may apply for Emergency Winter Break Housing for all or part of the break period. All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Emergency Housing Review Committee, which will verify the information provided as needed. Submission of application is not a confirmation of housing. If approved, an email with additional resources and expectations will be shared with you. Please do not make final plans until you receive a response.

Application Process

Students who believe they qualify for Emergency Winter Break  Housing must formally apply no later than 5:00pm on Sunday, November 27th. Applications will not be accepted or reviewed after this deadline. 

If a student believes that they are not able to safely leave campus during the Winter break, they should be in contact with their Student Dean to discuss their concerns and what assistance options may be available. After speaking with your assigned student dean and determining eligibility, please review the below guidelines and complete the Emergency Winter Break Housing Request Form no later than the above deadline.   


Students must meet a number of eligibility requirements in order to apply for Emergency Winter Break Housing. Students who are not eligible for housing should be in conversation with their assigned student dean to discuss. (You can find your assigned dean by checking the “Degree Audit” in mySwarthmore.)

1. Must be an actively-enrolled and current on-campus residential student for both the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. Students participating in off-campus study, those who live in off-campus housing, and/or students who are on a leave of absence in the Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 are not eligible for Emergency Winter Break Housing.   

2. Must have a demonstrated need or extenuating circumstance that prevents the student from leaving campus safely. Examples of demonstrated need or extenuating circumstance may include travel restrictions/limitations due to COVID-19 pandemic or lack of permanent home address. Cost of domestic travel and/or conflict with official move-in and move-out dates are generally not considered extenuating circumstances.

3. Students who have had any previous conduct violations or residential life policy violations during a previous Emergency Winter Break or Summer Break Housing period, may be restricted.


If approved for Emergency Winter Break Housing, you may be required to relocate to a different residential building for all or part of the winter break. Depending on your Fall housing assignment and/or scheduled maintenance, you may be required to move more than once. Decisions about which residence halls are used for winter break are made depending on the number of students approved to stay on campus and/or as a result of other facilities needs. We will do our best to minimize moves but must make occupancy decisions based on what is most safe for the number of residential students on campus at any one time. Students must agree to move on the dates outlined by the Housing Office and are expected to be active participants in the housing assignment process.

If you live in a residence hall that is open for winter break you may be asked to host a roommate who is also approved for Emergency Winter Break Housing. If you live in a residence hall that is closed for winter break you may be required to live in an occupied student's room. As the College remains at 100% occupancy for the Fall and Spring terms, there is not a bank of vacant rooms for winter break residents to be reassigned to. In order to accommodate the needs of all students, we ask for your flexibility and understanding regarding these requirements. 

Health, Safety, and Community Expectations

Students are expected to abide by all College policies and procedures during the winter break period, and must attend a mandatory orientation session in December. Additional housing expectations, including a no overnight guest policy and remaining substance-free, are in place during winter break and will be reviewed during the orientation meeting.

As the College will be operating at a significantly reduced occupancy, students are expected to report if they will be away from campus for an extended period of time. Upon receiving approval for Emergency Winter Break Housing, students will be asked to let the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) know if they will be away from campus for more than 2 days.

Campus Services

Access to resources and support during the winter break period are limited and subject to staffing availability. 

The College is closed for all students, staff, and faculty Monday, December 19, 2022 through Monday, January 2, 2023. Students should expect that all College buildings, offices, and departments (including Dining) will be closed during that time except for Public Safety and limited EVS/Maintenance services.

Limited staff will be on campus between January 3rd and January 16th, and access to College services (including Dining) may continue to be significantly reduced during that time. 

Limited Environmental Services (custodial) and Emergency Maintenance services will be available in order to maintain shared facilities but will not follow the regular schedule for dorm services.