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Treasurers Resource Page

The following is a list of treasurers resources.

YouCanBookMe schedule - Use this schedule to sign up for a time to use the OSE/SBC credit card. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Club sports should contact Max Miller to use the club sports purchasing card. 

Treasurers Handbook - Treasurers of student organizations are responsible for being in compliance with all College purchasing rules and regulations. The Treasurers Handbook is a useful guide for many of the financial transactions that you may face as a treasurer. If you should have any questions, please email or stop by the OSE during normal business hours.

Treasurers Training - All organization treasurers must complete the moodle treasurer training before spending club funds. You only need to complete this course once per academic year, and must receive a grade of 85% or better. You can retake the course immediately if you do not pass the test on your first try. If your organization transitions to a new treasurer, please make sure they complete this course after taking on their new role.

How to Access the Course:

  • Log in to Moodle
  • From the Dashboard - Select Browse Courses
  • Scroll down past the semesters listed and select "Organization"
  • You'll find the course titled "Treasurer Training" in this list.
  • Select the course and enter the password: compliance

Contract Request Form - Your group must request a contract for the hiring of performers, speakers, instructors, coaches, or other individuals whose services will be used by your organization. A faculty/staff member must sign off on all contracts. You must follow the Swarthmore College process for obtaining and approving contracts. You should not directly pay for a service with cash, check, credit cards, or other forms of electronic payment.

Student Reimbursement Form - Use this form to request a reimbursement for a student. You will need to code your reimbursement form with the proper organization and account codes. The account codes indicate the contents of purchase made for your event. Please email if you are unsure of your organization code. 

Equipment Purchasing Form - Whenever equipment is purchased for an organization, information must be submitted to keep track of purchases. Read more about the information collected and to learn more about which equipment must be logged on the Equipment Purchasing Page.

Supplemental Funding Form - Chartered organizations can request supplemental funding through SBC. This form should be submitted to before Thursday. Supplemental funding meetings are held weekly during the semester. A representative should email SBC to schedule a time to meet for supplemental funding form review.

Non Discrimination Agreement - Each year all chartered student organizations must sign off on Swarthmore's Non Discrimination Agreement (NDA). This is not a treasurer responsibility, but organizations are not permitted to spend money out of their SBC allocation until this form is signed. NDA's are sent directly to the primary contact for each student organization. 

Please email or with any questions.