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Living in the PPR Apartments

The PPR Apartments is a suite-style residential community, opened in the Fall of 2017, that forms a courtyard with the Palmer, Pittenger, and Roberts residence halls near the College's South entrance. The apartments are comprised of three separate cube-shaped structures that are interconnected on all floors, and served by a central elevator.  The apartments have a premier view of the baseball and softball fields and the upper campus, and are also nestled near downtown Swarthmore for easy access to local eateries and shops.  The majority of the apartments house 5-6 junior or seniors students, and to best meet the needs of upper-class students, each suite includes a common living room and kitchen space, bathroom and shower rooms and individual single rooms. Larger units that house 9-11 students provide a loft-style experience with two stories and beautiful views of the Swarthmore community.

The following items are provided in each apartment:

  • Kitchen: Each kitchen includes a full size fridge, a microwave, a stove/oven, a freezer compost bin, a recycling bin, a trash bin, and a round dining table with 5-6 dining chairs.  
  • Living room: 5-6 person apartment: The living room furniture includes a long couch, coffee table, media center (TV is not included), floor lamp, and 2 soft chairs.  9-11 person apartment: Main living room includes a long couch, coffee table, media center (TV is not included), floor lamp, and 2 soft chairs. The second floor living room includes a coffee table and 2 soft chairs
  • Bedroom: Each room includes a bunk-able Twin XL bed with mattress, two-drawer stackable chest, wardrobe, desk, chair, and a ceiling fan. The rooms also include a small indoor clothing drying line.
  • Bathroom: Each bathroom includes a trash and recycling bin.

Note: Please review the Residential Life Policies for additional policies and expectations about on-campus living.

Services provided by Environmental Services:

  • The services that Environmental Services (EVS) provides for apartment-style living are different than traditional dorms.  EVS provides cleaning services to all units on a monthly basis, and the individual EVS assigned to each floor will communicate the cleaning schedule directly with residents. Their service includes cleaning all restroom sinks, showers, toilets, mirrors, counter tops, shelves and bathroom floors.  It also includes cleaning the kitchen floor, counter tops, stoves and empty sinks. The students are expected to take compost, recycling, and trash to the waste room on the first floor, which has stations to deposit compost, recycling, and trash. Students are also expected to wash their dishes, and remove all personal items from counter tops, shelves, stove tops, tables, and the floor in both kitchen area and the bathroom otherwise EVS will not clean those spaces. EVS also provides a vacuum cleaner for students to borrow throughout the year. 

How to Get into the PPR Apartments:

Blocking: Most PPR Apartment blocks will be made available.  Blocked apartments occupy 5-6 students.  Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible for applying for PPR Apartment blocks.

Housing Lottery: Additional single occupancy rooms in non-blocked units will be made available in the Rising Senior and Junior Lotteries.  These rooms are all within an apartment unit that an RA resides.  There are gender-inclusive and gendered options.