General Information About Blocking

General Information:

  • If a student applies for a 'block' housing option, they apply for a number of room configurations along with a group of friends.  Blocks range in size from 2 students to 8 students.  All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are otherwise eligible for the Housing Lottery may apply for block housing.

  • We expect that approximately 500 students will select rooms during the Blocking Housing process.  Approximately 700 Rising Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores will select rooms during the two live Spring Housing Lotteries.

  • Students "WIN" their block applications once the average of the lottery numbers of the applicants is determined. Not all students who apply for blocks will "win" their blocks.  Many students who apply will not be able to secure a room through block housing and should then pick a room during the regular Housing Lottery.

  • Students do NOT find out their housing lottery numbers prior to submitting their block application. The spirit behind this process is that we hope students choose to pick groups of rooms based on who will be living around them, and not based on who has the 'best' number.

  • Blocks are non-transferrable and cannot be declined. If you apply for a block and 'win' that block, you MUST live in that block for the Fall and Spring terms.  "Breaking Block" will result in a financial penalty, a lottery number penalty during the next lottery, and a move to the bottom of the housing waitlist.

  • Do not apply for a block you do not want.  Do not apply for a block you are ineligible for (check class- year rules for singles and building restrictions).  Do not apply for a block that does meet your needs (if you are eligible for special housing accommodations).  Many blocks can support students with special needs.  Ask before applying if you have any room questions.  If you apply for a block and win, you may NOT change housing. BEFORE YOU APPLY, double-check the housing list for gender restrictions and/or class year restrictions.

  • If you are going abroad in the Spring, you CAN apply for blocks but if you are not on-campus for the Spring,

  • If you are in a single that is not connected to another single, your room will be placed in the December lottery. You cannot decide who gets a single in your block if you go abroad for the Spring

  • If you are in a non-single, OR a single that is physically connected to another single (e.g. PPR Apartments, Roberts, Mertz), your blockmates can select your replacement. If remaining members are unable to select a new roommate, the entire block must enter the December housing lottery or a random roommate will be assigned to the vacancy.

  • Students who do not apply for block housing or do not 'win' one of their blocks will automatically be forwarded to the Spring Housing Lottery/Housing Preference.