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Fall 2024 Housing Selection Dates

March 14-31: All students who want to participate in room selection must complete the Housing Agreement. You can find the Housing Agreement in your Housing Portal. Students must complete the Housing Agreement by March 31, 2024 to participate in room selection. 

March 26Roommate Meet-Up from 5-6pm in Sharples Commons sponsored by the Willets RAs (all students welcome). 

April 2: Roommate Meet-Up from 7-8pm in Sharples Commons sponsored by SGO Student Life Committee. 

April 3:  General Selection Times available in your Housing Portal. Floor plans available in your Housing Portal in the Preview Period Selection Process.

April 5: PreSelection Times will be available in your Housing Portal. 

April 8-12Room Selection

  • Monday, April 8 beginning at 4pm: PreSelection for students with accommodations.
  • Tuesday, April 9 beginning at 4pm: Class of 2025
  • Wednesday, April 10 beginning at 4pm: Class of 2026
  • Thursday, April 11 beginning at 4pm: Class of 2027
  • Friday, April 12 beginning at 1pm: Final Selection--this selection is for students who were unable to pick a room during regular selection for any reason. Students will be allowed to choose any open space regardless of whether or not they can fill the room. In other words, a single student can pick a space in a double. Please understand in selecting a space in a double you will get a random roommate. Note: based on the number of spaces available by this selection period, we may cancel this selection due to too limited a supply of spaces. 

Students are encouraged to visit Typical Housing by Class Year to familiarize themselves with the types and locations of rooms typical for people in their class year. Remember to look where the class year above you ended up to understand where you will likely go. In other words, Class of 2027 should look at the locations of Class of 2026, Class of 2026 should look at Class of 2025, and Class of 2025 should look at Class of 2024.

Bathroom Gender Designations and Residence Hall Amenities are also helpful tools. Floor plans will be available to students participating in room selection in the Housing Portal during the preview and selection periods.