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Fall 2023 Housing Selection Dates

Roommate Selection: In order to pick rooms together, you will need to select your roommates in the Housing Portal. Roommate Selection should be completed by Thurday, April 20 at 4pm.

Blocking: Blocking is mostly for rising seniors wanting to get into NPPR, but a few other spaces are available for students who want to live with a large group of friends. During blocking, the roommate with the best selection time will pull in their roommates.

  • Blocking is used to select 5 and 6 person suites in NPPR and multi-unit rooms in Pittenger and Roberts. NPPR blocks will be limited to rising seniors. Four NPPR suites will be available during the housing lottery to pick as singles.
    • NPPR suites available for rising senior blocking: 101 (6 person), 102 (6 person), 103 (5 person), 105 (5 person), 202 (6 person), 203 (6 person), 204 (5 person), 205 (6 person), 206 (5 person), 301 (5 person), 302 (6 person), 303 (6 person), 304 (5 person), 305 (6 person), 306 (5 person), 401 (5 person), 402 (6 person)
    • Pittenger 159 (2-room triple)
    • Roberts 185 (2-room triple), 290 (3-room quint)

Roommate Matching Party: Looking for your perfect roommate match? Need a little help meeting people who might be a good match for you? Come Find Your Perfect Match on Wednesday, April 19 in SCI 204 from 7-8pm.

Pre-Selection: This is for students with approved disability housing accommodations who do NOT participate in NPPR blocking and do NOT want to participate in the regular lottery process. On Friday, April 21, students may select, in lottery order number (rising seniors pick before rising juniors, rising juniors pick before rising sophomores, etc), from a representative group of rooms that are class-appropriate.

Housing Lottery: Housing lottery is when all students will select their rooms. The roommate with the earliest selection time will pull in the roommate they list on their roommate selection. For example if Chris has a class of '25 selection time at 4:50pm and selected to live with Todd who has a class of '25 selection time of 5:24pm, Chris would pick at 4:50pm and pull Todd into the room with him. Todd would not select at 5:24pm.

  • Class of 2024 Housing Lottery begins at 4pm on April 24

  • Class of 2025 Housing Lottery begins at 4pm on April 25

  • Class of 2026 Housing Lottery begins at 4pm on April 26