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2021 Summer Housing

There is limited summer housing availability for eligible students (details on eligibility below). To live in College housing during summer 2021, you will be required to:

  • Complete the housing survey to apply for the opportunity to live on campus. Since space is limited, it is possible that not everyone’s application will be approved. For this reason, please do not make any plans to return to campus without confirmation.
  • Complete mandatory COVID-19 testing and self-monitoring prior to returning to campus, including active and regular participation in the College's weekly COVID-19 testing program; if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are not symptomatic, you will be exempted from the testing program and may be required to provide proof of vaccination to Worth Health Center. 
  • Review and sign the Summer Garnet Pledge and agree to abide by those rules and regulations, as well as the Student Handbook. 

Room Information

Students offered summer housing will be provided with a single room in a residence hall with air conditioning. Due to the annual facilities and maintenance work that must be accomplished over the summer and related building occupancy limitations, students may be expected to change residence halls during the summer depending on institutional need. At this time, we anticipate housing summer students in PPR Apartments, Alice Paul, Danawell, and Parrish West. Assignments to specific residence halls will be based on arrival and departure dates. When possible, the Office of Student Engagement will work with you to prioritize friend groups living in close proximity to one another. Spring 2021 residential students who are granted summer housing should be prepared to move in as early as May 21, but the specific date for each student will be determined in early May.

Dates of Occupancy

Summer housing will be available for a regular eight-week block, followed by two additional one-week periods of supplemental “add-on” summer housing. Students may reside in housing as early as Friday, May 21 (the day of spring residence hall move-out), and as late as Saturday, July 31. No summer housing is available after this date. Limited emergency interim housing may be available for eligible students who cannot safely leave campus by July 31. Students and sponsors may select from the following date options:

  • 8-Week (A): Check in on Friday, May 21; check out on Saturday, July 17 by noon
  • 8-Week (B): Check in on Friday, May 28; check out on Saturday, July 24 by noon
  • 8-Week (C): Check in on Friday, June 4; check out on Saturday, July 31 by noon
  • 1-Week Supplemental (D): Check in on Friday, July 16; check out on Saturday, July 24 by noon
  • 1-Week Supplemental (E): Check in on Friday, July 23; check out on Saturday, July 31 by noon


Members of the Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 are eligible to apply for summer housing. Students who are incoming members of the Class of 2025 or are graduating with the Class of 2021 are not eligible to apply. To be eligible, you must either have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from departing from campus safely during the summer; have been awarded funding for a summer opportunity that requires you to live on campus; or have been offered student employment by a College department or office.

Students who seek to live on campus but commute to Philadelphia or surrounding areas for non-College opportunities will not be eligible for on-campus summer housing.


Summer rent will be charged at $1,080 for each 8-week term. Each additional add-on week will be charged at $100 per week. If a student remains on campus for a total of 10 weeks, their summer housing costs will be billed at $1,280 for the summer period.

Meal Plan

All residence hall summer housing students will have a meal plan provided as part of their summer rent. Additional information about dates and locations will be shared by Dining Services in the future.


Questions: please email Star Longoria, Director of Residential Communities for more information.