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Tri-College Class of 2019

All Tri-College Linguistics majors are required to write a thesis in the fall of their senior year. This year we have 31 seniors writing theses, including 18 from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

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Linguistics Professor Ted Fernald leads the NSF/REU Navajo Linguistics Field School in NM

The research site was hosted by Navajo Technical University (NTU), Crownpoint, NM.  All students had a strong background with speaking Navajo prior to the program. For two of them, Navajo is their first language. The others have had at least two years in college of classroom instruction in Navajo.

Six undergraduate researchers from the Navajo Technical University (Bernadine Cody, Wallace Dale, Dana Desiderio, Natalie Desiderio, Lester Kinsel and Tyler Tinhorn) worked on several projects, each of which required background training. 

The project that received the most attention was the development of an online talking dictionary for Navajo postpositions and postpositional enclitics.  Postpositions are essential for understanding grammatical relations in Navajo. Students worked from a digital text to identify example sentences containing the postpositions and postpositional enclitics identified in Young & Morgan (1987). They glossed each sentence and made voice recordings of each one. 

The team recorded and annotated 266 example sentences that contain postpositional phrases or postpositional enclitic phrases. Here's the link to the talking dictionary: 


Ted Fernald with Navajo School

Juhyae Kim ’19 Receives Beinecke Scholarship to Explore Languages in Grad School

Unsure of her chances and walking out of a first-thing-Monday-morning class, Juhyae Kim ’19 needed a moment to process the news of receiving a Beinecke Scholarship.

“When it finally hit me, my reaction was to call my parents and celebrate with them,” says Kim, a linguistics major, one of 18 students across the U.S. to be awarded $34,000 for graduate studies.

Kim plans to enter a Ph.D. program in linguistics and is researching programs with an emphasis on fieldwork — an interest sparked in her Field Methods class with Visiting Assistant Professor Emily Gasser.

Juhyae Kim