Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2018


Madeleine Booth


Elsher Abraham, Swarthmore College

The Problem with Mumble Rap
Stigmatization of Variant Production in Contemporary Mainstream Hip-Hop

Gabriela Campoverde


Anita Brown, Bryn Mawr College

Quantitative Metathesis in Ancient Greek

Gabriela Campoverde


Kate Collins, Swarthmore College

An Interface and Case Studies for Automatic Cognate Detection Methods

Erika Cancio-Bello


Abby Crum, Bryn Mawr College

The Intonational Phonology of Spoken Word Poetry

Jacob Collard


Sarah Malia Daguio, Haverford College


Raymond Elias


Joseph DeBrine

​La mobilité du français régional

Jacob Collard


Jinjie Dong, Swarthmore College

Going Right? Double Down! Mandarin Right Dislocation


Ashley Dimond


Sabea Evans, Haverford College

Siliminga, hello!”
Negotiating Race, Place, and Language Ideologies in Post-Colonial Dalun, Ghana

Gabriela Campoverde


James Faville, Haverford College

Coindexation under Attitude Complements



Rebecca Ford, Swarthmore College

How Black Male Identity is Sculpted Through Language in Light of Stigmatization and Stereotyping


Raymond Elias


Kathryn Goldberg, Bryn Mawr College

Lexical Tone and Melodic Pitch in the Music of Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec

Nadeen Hamza


Brianna Grenert, Bryn Mawr College

The Shape of Eta: Evolutionary Phonology and the Development of Attic Greek [ε:]

Mariana Irby


Clare Hanlon, Swarthmore College

Tokenization of Japanese Text
Using a Morphological Transducer


Alexandra Mannix


James Howard, Swarthmore College

#Youknowyoublackwhen all you bring to the cookout is more black people and aluminum foil: Type as Racial Performance on Black Twitter

Gabriela Campoverde


Catherine Hong Xu Kandrysawtz, Swarthmore College

The Vitality of the Hangzhou Dialect of Mandarin

Gabriela Campoverde


Audrey Lin, Bryn Mawr College

Sign Language Recognition: Defining Subunits by Quantified Handshapes with Hidden Markov Models

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Shaina Mahoney, Bryn Mawr College

Apt to change: A Comparison of Handshape Aperture in Estonian and Latvian Sign Languages

Jacob Malin


Jacob Malin, Swarthmore College

FREE HANDSHAPE: A Proposed Mechanism for the Coining of Classifiers in ASL

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Jake Mundo, Swarthmore College

Interpreting Minimalist Grammars


Lyra Piscitelli, Bryn Mawr College

​​A  Pragmatic Account of Demands for Recognition


Gabriela Campoverde


Lauren Pronger, Haverford College

Double Classifiers in Navajo Verbs


Gabriela Campoverde


Diamond Ray, Bryn Mawr College

Linguistic Representations of Black Woman Beauty in Print and Social Media in the United States and Ecuador

Peter Nilsson


Mindy Reutter, Bryn Mawr College

The Language of College: A Case Study of Code-switching and Identity in
Northern Appalachian University Communities of Practice.

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Benjamin Schmidt, Swarthmore College

Nominal structure in Burmese


Erika Cancio-Bello


Ziting Shen, Bryn Mawr College

Incorporating Phonological Knowledge into a Computational Model for Language Family Homeland Identification

Peter Nilsson


Caroline Steliotes, Haverford College

Contrastive Focus on the Null Copula in African American English

Peter Nilsson


Gretchen Trupp, Swarthmore College

Blogs are the Mirrors to Ourselves: Examining Emerging Semantic Conventions in an Online World

Peter Nilsson


Huilei Wang, Bryn Mawr College

A Tale of BEI, JIAO, RANG, and GEI: a comparison and analysis of passive markers in Mandarin Chinese




David Zuckerman

FREE HANDSHAPE: A Proposed Mechanism for the Coining of Classifiers in ASL