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Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2017


Madeleine Booth

Ruth Bagley, Haverford College


Gabriela Campoverde

Kathleen Baryenbruch, Swarthmore College


Gabriela Campoverde

Claire Benham, Bryn Mawr College

Morphosyntax of the Bangla Affix -ʈa

Erika Cancio-Bello

Delfin Buyco, Swarthmore College

Nicaraguan Sign Language as a Realization of the Language Bioprogram

Jacob Collard

Emily Drummond, Bryn Mawr College

Possession and Agentivity in Nukuoro


Jacob Collard

Miki Gilmore, Bryn Mawr College

Insider Perspective: Attitude and Motivational Orientation among Heritage Learners of Japanese


Ashley Dimond

Samantha Gray, Swarthmore College

Classifications of Mundari Expressives and Other Reduplicated Structures Based on Phonological Patterns, Transitivity, and the Effects of Valency-Reducing Affixes


Gabriela Campoverde

Ian Holloway, Swarthmore College

Simultaneity as a unique property of visual-spatial language: the simultaneous structure of two-handed classifier predicates in bimodal ASL/English narrative ebooks for Deaf children

Zhiyin Ding

Kalina Kostyszyn, Bryn Mawr College

A Minimal Rule Generalization Algorithm for Multi-Part Phonological rule Learning

Raymond Elias

Sally Little, Bryn Mawr College

That Southern Charm: /s/ Deletion in Southern Spain

Nadeen Hamza

Bridget Murray, Bryn Mawr College

Growing a (Family) Tree: Evaluating the Na Dene-Yeniseian Language Family Hypothesis through Phylogeny

Mariana Irby

Hannah Penner, Bryn Mawr College

Tense in agrammatism: An analysis of monolingual and bilingual aphasic studies



Sophie Rehrig, Bryn Mawr College

A Guide to Building a Diphone Speech Synthesis System for Kalaallisut

Gabriela Campoverde

Alondra Ivette Rosales, Swarthmore College


Gabriela Campoverde

Jordan Sciascia, Swarthmore College

Rules Versus Objectives: What is Most Salient in Toddlers' Language Acquisition?

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Rhiannon Smith, Swarthmore College

Sandwich Constructions and Narrative Coherence in ASL Storytelling

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Lee Tarlin, Swarthmore College

Authorship Attribution of Song Lyrics

Gabriela Campoverde

James Truitt, Haverford College


Peter Nilsson

Ian Westley, Swarthmore College

A Comparative Analysis of Noun Incorporation Productivity in English and German

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Mollie Wild, Swarthmore College

Name Signs in American Sign Language