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Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2016

Jocelyn Adams


Susan Anderson, Bryn Mawr College

Russian Purists Against Western Loanwords: Shared Characteristics Through Time 

Tess Amram


Sarah Babinski, Swarthmore College

Encoding Direction and Voice in Innu

Robin Banerji


Melanie Bahti, Bryn Mawr College

Defining ‘Process’ and ‘Result’: Making Space for Collaborative Methodologies in Linguistic Fieldwork


Madeleine Booth


Guadalupe Barrientos, Swarthmore College

Chicana Language and Identity in a Primarily White Institution

Gabriela Campoverde


Caanan Breiss, Swarthmore College

The Templatic Morphology of English Loan Verbs in Modern Hebrew

Erika Cancio-Bello


Dana Bronzino, Bryn Mawr College

Loanword Adaptation in Spanish and Mapudungun: a Phonological and Sociolinguistic Analysis 

Jacob Collard


Janna Coles, Bryn Mawr College


Jacob Collard


Shelby Daniel-Wayman, Swarthmore College

Spanish/English Codeswitching in Young Adult Novels


Ashley Dimond


Cara Ehlendeldt, Swarthmore College

The Rabbit Hole of Fidelity:Trends for translating puns from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland into Russian

Zhiyin Ding


Lewis Esposito, Swarthmore College

I Am a Perpetual Underdog’: Lady Gaga’s Use of Creaky Voice in the Construction of a Sincere Pop Star Persona

Raymond Elias


Helen Felker, Haverford College

Perspectives on Language Endangerment:​ Zapotec Community Members Navigate the Future of their Language 

Nadeen Hamza


Amy Giacomucci, Swarthmore College

A Research Project Proposal for Measuring How SRAs with Bilingual ASL/English Ebooks Teach Deaf Children Storytelling Conventions 

Mariana Irby


Jared Goland, Swarthmore College



Alexandra Mannix


Brandon Henken, Haverford College


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Raeven Jones-Kelley, Haverford College

Peter Nilsson


Laura Katz, Swarthmore College

Morphophonology of the Maung Language

Photo Coming Soon


Melina Koukoutchos, Bryn Mawr College

Improving Langscape's Text-based Language Identification Tool


Elana Perkoff


Aurora del Rio Martinez, Swarthmore College

Nonmanual clash of the lower face nonmanuals in American Sign Language 


Elizabeth Peters


Richard Monari, Swarthmore College

The Role of aŋ in Ilonggo Information Structure

Kelley Riffenburgh


Abigail Norling-Ruggles


Dyan Rizzo-Busack


Daniel Plesniak, Haverford College

The Mandarin Chinese de as a Type <e,t> Nominal Proform: A Syntax-Semantics Approach 

Miranda Stewart


May Plumb, Haverford College

Conjunction in Colonial Valley Zapotec 


Elisabeth Tawa


Kai Richter, Swarthmore College

Mandarin language learning by American students: A research study on orthographic influences on pronunciation accuracy in second-language learners


Leslie Tjing


Elise Riley, Haverford College

Language Revitalization Practices in Indigenous Communities of the U.S. 


Tamsin True-Alcala


Kelly Smemo, Swarthmore College

Intonational Phonology in Colloquial Singaporean English

Joyce Wu


Rachel Vogel, Swarthmore College

Problems in Bantawa Phonology and a Statistically Driven Approach to Vowels

Joyce Wu


Rachel Weissler, Bryn Mawr College

Intraspeaker Variation: Stop Devoicing in Elderly Black Speakers

Joyce Wu


Zhenglong Zhou, Swarthmore College

Historical phonology should be conducted with a basis in phonetics


Joyce Wu


Wanhong Zou, Bryn Mawr College

Evidentiality and Mirativity in Navajo