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Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2007

(... and Jeff Kaufman '08...)

Rebekah Baglini, Bryn Mawr College

The Middle Construction in Mandarin Chinese

Laura Barlet, Bryn Mawr College

Left unsaid: L1 attrition in an L2 environment [PDF]

Sarah D'Angio, Bryn Mawr College

Negative polarity items in inverse scope and topicalized clauses [PDF]

Jonathan Ference, Swarthmore College

Sell ase ur gudenn dit: A comparison of two minority language communities in France [PDF]

Annie Fredrickson, Swarthmore College

Phonological cues to gender in sex-typed and unisex names [PDF]

Emily Gasser, Swarthmore College

Iago parla Unamunda: Understanding a nonsense language [PDF]

Rebecca Goldman, Swarthmore College

Compounding in aphasia: A cross-linguistic review [PDF]

Catherine Healy, Swarthmore College

Living on the edge: Parallels between the Deaf and gay communities in the United States [PDF]

Stephanie Hunt, Bryn Mawr College

FOXP2: A gene of linguistic importance [PDF]

Sarah Hunter-Smith, Swarthmore College

Understanding without Babblefish: Reviewing the evidence for universal sound symbolism in natural languages [PDF]

Timothy Johnson, Swarthmore College

You said what?!: Misunderstandings in IM conversation among college students [PDF]

Jeff Kaufman '08, Swarthmore College

Dialectical variation in contra dance [PDF]

Bethany Keffala, Bryn Mawr College

Tone in Mende: A comparative analysis of theory [PDF]

Cheryl Nunes, Swarthmore College

The evolution of orality in Samoa [PDF]

Tony Otero, Swarthmore College

Nathaniel Peters, Swarthmore College

C'est pas blesipo: Variations of Verlan [PDF]

Tiana Pyer-Pereira, Swarthmore College

Telling tales: Memory, culture, and the Hudhud chants [PDF]

Tania Reino, Swarthmore College

Language attitudes: Amazigh in Morocco [PDF]

Eleuthera Sa, Swarthmore College

Language policy for education and development in Tanzania [PDF]

Matt Singleton, Swarthmore College

Sample in a jar: Oral culture in a literate world [PDF]

Colin Sullivan, Haverford College

Towards an integrated perceptual sociolinguistics [PDF]

Alden Walker, Haverford College

Bronwyn Woods, Swarthmore College

Syntactic simulations: computational modeling of the evolution of syntax [PDF]