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Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2003

Allison Adelman, Bryn Mawr College

On the status of N-V verbal compounds in Catalan [PDF]

Erica Cartmill, Swarthmore College

Out of the mouths of beasts: Animal communication and perspectives on the evolution of language [PDF]

Susan Christensen, Swarthmore College

Analysis of the Standard French ne-drop phenomenon [PDF]

Julie Corder, Swarthmore College

The nature of verb categories in American Sign Language [PDF]

Virginia Culler, Bryn Mawr College

Observations on the optionality of Modern Catalan participle agreement and hypotheses as to its implications for the future of Romance languages [PDF]

Jane Deronne, Swarthmore College

The same old story: Presidential rhetoric and interpreting September 11th [PDF]

Anna Dunbar-Hester, Bryn Mawr College

Hungarian vowel harmony [PDF]

Ben George, Swarthmore College

The: Definite article of the English language [PDF]

Tim Ifill, Haverford College

Seeking the nature of idioms: A study in Idiomatic structure [PDF]

Terry Kegel, Haverford College

Linguistic tug-of-war: French and German in Alsace, 1945 [PDF]

David January, Swarthmore College

Spatial language and temporal cognition [PDF]

Kyra Jucovy, Swarthmore College

An optimality-theory-based analysis of variable /l/-vocalization in Australian English [PDF]

Cay Miller, Haverford College

Can Sesame Street bridge the Pacific Ocean?: Effects of American television on the Australian language [PDF]

Lindsey Newbold, Swarthmore College

Plurals and the seriative prefix in Navajo [PDF]

Jonathan Rosa, Swarthmore College

Emergent/discursive resistance: A situated analysis of the application of autobiographical narrative to an academic space [PDF]

Blake Sherblom-Woodward, Bryn Mawr College

Hackers, gamers, and lamers: The use of 133t in the computer sub-culture [PDF]

Susannah Smith, Bryn Mawr College

An account of the morpho-phonology of English personal initialed nicknames: Orthography enters the constraint hierarchy [PDF]

Eileen Thorsos, Swarthmore College

Markedness and morphological change in obsolescent languages [PDF]

Lindsay Voigt, Haverford College

If we care to preserve even that: Scots and the question of language revitalization [PDF]

Rebecca Weinberger, Swarthmore College

ASL Lecture [on video]