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for Civic & Social Responsibility

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"Connecting curriculum, campus, and community through engaged scholarship and collaborative action."

Issue Areas

Organize your energies! If you’re passionate about an issue, we can help you find relevant courses, research, internships, and volunteer opportunities, whatever your academic major.


We house faculty-led programs that encourage interdisciplinary learning and Engaged Scholarship. Current programs: Urban Inequality & Incarceration, Global Affairs, Health & Societies, Arts & Social Action


The Lang Center provides a variety of resources to students, faculty, and community members, including funding, advising, transportation, and space.

The Lang Center in the News

Michael Walzer: Politics, Justice, and Jewish Thought

Michael Walzer, professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., discusses his pioneering work. More

Trip Lenahan '15 and Kassandra Sparks '15

Kassandra Sparks '15 and Trip Lenahan '15 Introduce Stephen Colbert to the "Chester Sound"

The students discussed their project with the Colbert Report host at this year's Clinton Global Initiative University. More

Alexandra Willingham '15

Amanda Epstein '15 and Alexandra Willingham '15 Win at Debating for Democracy Conference

The conference Willingham (left) attended is an initiative of Project Pericles, founded by Eugene Lang '38 to work with colleges and universities on including social responsibility and participatory citizenship as an essential part of their programs.More