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Lang Social Impact Fellowship

Lang Social Impact Fellowship Collage

LSIF Cohorts from top left to bottom right: Raven Bennett and Nimesh Ghimire (2017), A'Dorian Murray-Thomas and Fatima Boozarjomehri (2018, 2019), Rebecca Castillo (2021), Eriko Shrestha and Tristan Alston (2022), and Hussain Zaidi (2023)

While at Swarthmore College, students initiate their own social impact projects with the support of programs like the Lang Opportunity Scholarship Program. The intention of this post baccalaureate program -- the Lang Social Impact Fellowship (LSIF) -- is to empower recent alumni to continue their projects by engaging stakeholders in systems change activities. Key features of LSIF include: mentoring, training, and funding.

Note: This grant is not in service of Swarthmore College and does not create an employment relationship between the Lang Social Impact Fellow(s) and Swarthmore College.

Selection Criteria

  • Open to Swarthmore College alumni who have graduated in the past few years (that is, those aged 25 year old and under).
  • Documented experience launching or amplifying a project that yielded demonstrable social impact.
  • Success in networking and/or leveraging partnerships in order to advance social breakthroughs or systems change goals.
  • In-depth knowledge of and connections with key stakeholders as well as the issue(s) in their area of focus.
  • Feasible plan to work with others to close the gap(s) between social challenges and solutions in issue/geographic area over the course of the fellowship.
  • Compelling social value proposition.
  • Commitment to work at least 1040 hours total on the project during a year (for instance, 20 hours per week for 52 weeks). 
  • Note: Because of their directly relevant experiences to date, Lang Scholars would not only be eligible to apply but likely would be strong candidates for the fellowship. However, other Swarthmore College alumni who meet the criteria listed above could be eligible to apply.


  1. Mentorship: Fellows will be both mentors – to current Swarthmore College social innovators like Lang Scholars through the Social Innovation Lab (either virtual or in person) – and mentees of Swarthmore alumni or other experts. 
  2. Training: Following a Training Needs Assessment, Fellows will work with program advisor to devise training targets and develop training opportunities for the Fellowship year.
  3. Funding: $27,000 per Fellow. Fellows may use funds to cover living and project expenses. Note: This grant is not in service of Swarthmore College and does not create an employment relationship between the grantee and the College.

Lang Social Impact Fellow (2023-2024)

Hussain Zaidi '22

Hussain Zaidi '22

During and following their Lang Project, Zaidi has published extensively in the field of sexual and gender minority healthcare across different global contexts. They have worked with the Gates Medical Research Institute, MATCH-Research Institute, and the University of Washington to design and implement various public health and research initiatives dedicated towards centering SGM-people in broader academic and structural discourse. Pivoting towards art-making as a medium to uplift and advocate for marginalized voices -- with the support of the LSIF grant -- they are now working to scale Zenaan-Khana, a coalition of activists and artists making a specialized effort to expand queer/trans centered media in Pakistan. This will be the focus of their fellowship year.

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In Gratitude

It is through the vision and generosity of Eugene M. Lang ’38 that communities facing significant challenges have come to know Swarthmore College students and alumni as social change makers. We are grateful for the opportunity to innovate and build upon the success of the Lang Opportunity Scholarship Program with this pilot program, the Lang Social Impact Fellowship.

In Honor of Eugene Lang '38

LSIF Contact

Jen Magee

Director, Program Development, Implementation, & Assessment

Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility

Peace & Conflict Studies


  1. Phone: (610) 328-7320
  2. Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility 204

Dr. Magee provides leadership, implementation, and assessment of key programs of the Center that fund the work of social responsibility, including the Engaged Scholarship Research Grant program for faculty and for students: Lang Opportunity Scholarship Program, Lang Social Impact Fellowship, Pilot Project Grant Program, Project Pericles Fund of Swarthmore College, and Davis Projects for Peace. Office hours by appointment.