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Funding Support

Event Funding Support

The Lang Center has a limited budget to fund student requests. Requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and may be granted at a portion of the total requested. The Lang Center will not entertain requests for funding once the available funds have been exhausted. The funding provided by the Lang Center must follow the requirements stated below.

  • The proposed activity must be congruent with the Lang Center’s mission.
  • Awards are generally $50 per request.
  • Funds are transferred to a College administrative account, or distributed as scholarship to students who are not acting on the part of a group with a College account (taxable event).
  • The Lang Center will not entirely fund any activity.

The Funding Request Form [GoogleForm] for funds must be completed and submitted or emailed to Delores Robinson at at least one week before the funding is required (if the group applying has a College account) or with at least two weeks lead time for individuals without College accounts needing a check.

A decision will be made by the Lang Center Staff, and announced to the requester by email within two days of the request.

Engaged Scholarship Travel Fund

The Eugene M. Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility facilitates Swarthmore College’s commitment to intellectual rigor, ethical engagement, and social responsibility by connecting the curriculum, campus, and communities. Swarthmore College students seeking conference, training, or workshop funding from the Lang Center must demonstrate how their participation exemplifies "Engaged Scholarship."

Students, there is no guarantee that this funding request will be approved. If approved, the Lang Center will fund only one conference, training, or workshop per academic year for an individual student or group of students. In order to be reimbursed --  within ten business days of the conference, training, or workshop -- please note that you will need to submit receipts for any expenses incurred for which you are seeking reimbursement and a 1-2 page report which demonstrates how your participation exemplified Engaged Scholarship. 

Approved conference, training, or workshop funding does not constitute approved absence from classes. Please submit your conference, training, or workshop funding request at least two weeks ahead of time; absolutely no “same day service.” Please note: Application requests are not funded retroactively.

Types of Eligible Conference Funding Requests:

The student is required (or recommended) by a faculty member to attend the conference, training, or workshop as part of a course, major, or minor in which the student is enrolled. 

  • The student is co-presenting a project or paper with a faculty member and/or community partners.
  • The student is a conference panelist with a faculty member and/or community partners.
  • Other example of Engaged Scholarship.

Student Eligibility:

  • Conference, training, or workshop funding is open to current students from all class years provided they are active, enrolled students in good standing (academic and conduct).
  • Validation from a Swarthmore College faculty member is required.
  • Students are required to complete and submit a Release of Liability form and Lang Center Code of Ethics prior to attending the conference, training, or workshop.

Maximum Funding Request:

  • Up to $400 for an individual 
  • Up to $600 for a group of three or more students. Larger groups may apply for limited additional funding.

NOTE: The Lang Center reserves the right to confirm your terms, attendance, and performance at the conference, training, or workshop.

Click here to have access to the Engaged Scholarship Travel Fund Request Form [Google Form]