Lang Center
for Civic & Social Responsibility

Engaged Scholarship Research and Teaching Grants

Engaged Scholarship Teaching and Research Grants support faculty to develop new or existing courses and research projects. The Lang Center Advisory Committee (comprised of faculty) reviews applications, favoring those that center on equipment, travel, or supply costs (or part-time assistance) directly related to engaged scholarship.

  • Engaged Scholarship Research Grant (ESRG)
    • For the academic year: maximum of $5,000 for RAs, equipment, and travel;
    • For summer: maximum of two RA stipends ($4,800 per RA for 10 weeks of full-time research assistance)
  • Engaged Scholarship Teaching Grant (ESTG)
    • For the academic year: maximum of $5,000 for TAs, equipment, travel, and honoraria

As you prepare your application, please keep the following deadlines in mind: 

  • For Spring and Summer 2019, the application is currently open, and is due 1/16/19
  • For Fall 2019, the application opens 5/22/19, and is due 6/5/19


Detailed Timeline Spring 2019

  • January 16, 2019 — Faculty deadline for spring and summer engaged scholarship teaching and research grants; for summer research grants, faculty identify one or two students they want to work with.
  • January 23, 2019 — The Lang Center Advisory Committee's decisions will be made and faculty will be notified shortly thereafter
  • February 6, 2019 — The students identified in the faculty application fill out a form. 
  • February 6, 2019 — Provost summer funding due. If faculty have already been approved of funding by the Lang Center (around January 23, 2019), the students identified in the summer application can have confidence that they will be funded for the summer and need not apply for provost funding.


Faculty members interested in applying for Engaged Scholarship Teaching and Research Development Grants can submit their request via this form [GoogleForm]


Faculty Engaged Scholarship Application Worksheet here: