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What UV is what you get!

By Julia LeBlanc '23

students scubadiving

Photo credit: Julia LeBlanc '23 (Turks and Caicos, SFS, spring 2022)

"In spring 2022, I went abroad to study at the School for Field Studies on South Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The course focused on marine biology, climate justice, and natural resource management, as well as lots of field skills. One project was to make a podcast based on an environmental issue that was important to you. As a scuba diver and invertebrate biologist, Coral Reefs are incredibly important, and not always recognized. So the issues that I, and my partner Julia Kiefer, focused on was sunscreen and its effects on the environment. We got to interview resort tourists as well as professional scientists, and it allowed a clearer insight into this problem. We’re really proud of it, and we hope you enjoy What UV is what you get!" ~Julia LeBlanc '23


Photo credit: Julia LeBlanc'23 (Turks and Caicos, SFS, Spring 2022)


Julia Kiefer is a senior Biology major at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster PA.  She anticipates graduating from F&M in May 2023 and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in cell biology after graduating. Julia has been actively engaged in biology research regarding various types of cancers. During the spring of 2022, Julia studied the presence of microplastics in Queen Conch on South Caicos Island through the School for Field Studies: Center for Marine Research. In her free time, Julia is an avid swimmer and photographer. She enjoys playing water polo, scuba diving and volunteering in her community.

Julia LeBlanc is a senior biochemistry major at Swarthmore College. Julia plans to pursue a Ph.D. in marine biochemistry after graduating. She has engaged in multiple types of scientific research, including synthetic organometallic catalysts, greener polymerizations, and octopus behavior and body patterning. In her free time, Julia captains the Swarthmore Mock Trial team, scuba dives, and studies philosophy.