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Student Health

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This section provides information specific to off-campus study students. For other resources and more information about International Health, Safety and Security, please see Health and Safety.

Health Considerations

Students should consider their own physical and mental health needs when reviewing study abroad programs. When under the care of a physician or mental health professional, it is important to determine if adequate care will be available at the proposed site and to discuss your plans with your health care provider.

All admitted study abroad participants are required to have a travel health consultation at the Worth Health Center. This session will include information on any required immunizations and travel medications. Also, by appointment, students can arrange for a physical, or to have additional health forms completed, if required by their study abroad programs. Appointments should be made as early as possible in the semester prior to going abroad.  

Travel Health Consultation - Common Questions

Who should receive a travel health consult?

A travel health consultation is recommended for any Swarthmore student planning on traveling to another country and is offered free of charge by the Worth Health & Wellness Center. Please note that if you are traveling abroad on an activity that is organized and/or sponsored by the College (usually with funding) you will be required to have a travel health consult.

What is a travel health consult?

A travel health consultation prepares travelers for the health concerns that might arise during their trips. A nurse will review your health history and itinerary, and provide you with up-to-date information about the health conditions at your destination and pre-travel advice on immunization and medication requirements and recommendations. The nurse will also review destination specific travel tips and cultural considerations.

When should I get a travel health consult?

Ideally travel health consult appointments should be made at least six weeks in advance of travel. Schedule early since many times follow up visits and vaccine appointments are necessary. Most vaccines require several weeks to take effect, and some can’t be given at the same time. So, it’s best to plan your first visit early.

Where can I get a travel health consult?

The Worth Health & Wellness Center at Swarthmore College provides travel health consults. Please phone 610-328-8058 to schedule an appointment. Other local options are:
Penn Travel Medicine Phone 215-615-2240
Crozer Travel Medicine Phone 610-619-8500

Why should I get a travel health consult?

When you travel, staying healthy is a top priority. A travel health consult is necessary for the Global Engagement Office to approve your travel. With proper planning and immunization, most travel-related illnesses can be prevented. Without completion of a travel health consult you will not be approved by Global Engagement to travel. 

How do I prepare for a travel health consult?

Bring the following to your travel health consult:
1. copy of your detailed itinerary with length of stay, specific destinations, and excursions
2. up-to-date copy of all life-time vaccinations/immunizations/shots
3. record of current medications with names, doses, and prescriber Please note that outstanding college vaccine requirements, according to health records must be complete or in the process of completion prior to travel abroad.

How do I get the recommended vaccines or medications?

A travel health nurse will help to navigate the best location to obtain vaccines. Some vaccines can be given at the time of your visit. You may be referred to an off-site clinic to receive some of the vaccines. Prescriptions can be given to you or sent to a pharmacy.

Does insurance cover the cost of vaccines?

Most insurance companies will cover childhood vaccines and routine boosters. Travel specific vaccines are not typically covered. You can call your insurance company to find out specific details. These vaccines can be quite expensive and often require a series of injections. (ie. the rabies series costs nearly $1000)

Will my insurance cover me abroad?

All students traveling on approved Global Engagement programs will receive insurance. Most students will be enrolled with CISI Cultural Insurance (see video below) and some students will be insured by their study abroad programs.



    CISI Study Abroad

    In this short video, you will learn more about your CISI insurance, coverage, and services, as well as easy instructions on how to get started with your ID card and how to use the website and the app. 

    Access the CISI portal