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For Faculty & Staff

students in a classroom at Yonsei University, South Korea

Photo credit: Nora Santiago '23 (South Korea, CIEE, fall 2021)

Short-Term Study Abroad

All faculty interested in leading a short-term study abroad program should contact the Global Engagement Office. Click here for more information about short-term study abroad

Credit Questions

Prior to participation in study abroad, admitted students are required to obtain pre-estimation of credit from appropriate departments. Students who have petitioned to study on programs that are not currently approved by Global Engagement must seek pre-estimation of credit before submitting their petition to the Global Engagement Committee. For all credit requests, we use the online Global Engagement Credit Evaluation, which faculty and staff can access via AppGarden.  Here is more information on OCS Credits

Students are directed by Global Engagement to inquire with academic departments about any departmental requirements, including pre-requisites or department-specific study abroad forms they should be aware of.  Credit evaluators can also leave comments for the student in the online system. 

New Study Abroad Programs

Academic departments should contact the Global Engagement Office with any suggestions concerning approving study abroad programs, or removing previously approved programs from the database of approved programs maintained by the Global Engagement Office. Departments or individuals are encouraged to discuss ideas for new study abroad opportunities with the Global Engagement Office as well.

Visiting Study Abroad Programs

The Global Engagement Office has a small budget that can be used to offset some of the costs of faculty site visits to study abroad programs, normally limited to the costs of local transportation, meals, and accommodation. Interested faculty members should contact the Global Engagement Office for further information.