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Student Voices Archives

Nora in front of building in South Korea with group

Photo credit: Nora Santiago '23 (South Korea, CIEE, fall 2021)

Below, check out students'  stories, videos, reflections, and photos from previous years!

"Vietnam Virtual: A Journal" by Chris Stone '23

Chris Stone is a junior studying Engineering and Environmental Studies, with an interest in renewable energy, community mobilization and multi-media storytelling. During summer 2021, they  participated in a virtual study abroad program that took them to Vietnam. They were matched with the ICS Center of Vietnam, a community-led LGBTI+ organization. They shared their experiences through this series of blog posts! 

Check out the blog posts!

"Reflections of a graduating senior" by Jayna Jones '21

Jayna Jones '21 (Greece, CYA, spring 2020) studied abroad in Athens. She shares what made studying in Greece so special for her. "I loved this experience! [...] I would really recommend studying abroad, it was the best decision I made in my College career."

"In an Instant" by Colin Donahue '22

Colin Donahue '22 (Spain, NYU Madrid, spring 2020) created a beautiful cinematographic reflection on his study abroad experience in Madrid - and how COVID-19 crudely steered that experience in a different direction.

"Interning at the Museum of nonconformist art" by Bellara Huang '21

"My experience abroad really informs my career and academic interests—after working at the Museum of nonconformist art, I hope to pursue a career in museums or cultural institutions. Along with my classes and the city, my internship was by far my favorite part of my study abroad experience."

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"I now live in Paris" by Colin Howell '19

Studying in Paris (France) made such an impact on Colin Howell '19 that he decided to move to France permanently!